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Most Americans back Obama on Iran nuclear deal – for now, anyway (+video)

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(Read caption) Reaction to Iran nuclear deal
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The deal on Iran’s nuclear capabilities, worked out over the weekend by world leaders in Geneva, marked an important point in diplomacy and nonproliferation.

If it works out as advertised – reining in those capabilities while easing economic sanctions on Iran – it could be a big win for President Obama as he bottoms out (he hopes) in public opinion polls grading his competency, effectiveness, and trust.

But it’s also a major challenge for him, with Republicans and many Democrats (not to mention this country’s most politically powerful ally – Israel) skeptical if not downright derisive of the agreement.

So how do Americans feel about this effort to reduce what Israel sees as an “existential threat” to its existence, a threat made by a country that once considered the US to be “the Great Satan?”

For now, it seems, most Americans back Obama on the Iran nuclear deal.

A CNN/ORC International poll in late September found that “three-quarters of Americans say they favor direct diplomatic negotiations with Iran in an attempt to prevent that country from developing nuclear weapons.”

"Large majorities in all major demographic categories favor negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program, including 87 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of Republicans,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “This is nothing new for the US public – in 2009, virtually the same number of Americans said they favored negotiations with Iran.”


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