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Still waiting on the VP announcement...

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At this late stage in the day, some speculation is that the Barack Obama campaign is letting the McCain "housing gaffe" play out before letting us know who his vice presidential pick is. If this speculation is correct, it could make a Friday announcement unlikely.

"I think the Obama camp is going to let the McCain housing news play out," said a GOP strategist who preferred to be unnamed. "This is too good for Barack.  It would be foolish to step on their own news.  They've been on the defensive for nearly a month and within a week they get two gifts from McCain."

The strategist was referring to what she called McCain's "housing malfunction" on Wednesday and the Saturday's televised conversation with pastor Rick Warren when McCain said it would take $5 million a year income to be considered rich (something the McCain camp insisted was a joke).

Two new commercials

The Obama team has already released two commercials highlighting McCain's inability to articulate the number of houses he owns.  Yesterday's spot, titled "Seven" for the number of homes the Obama team says he has, and today's commercial named, "Out of touch," which features him riding in a golf cart with President George H. W. Bush.

"Call it country club economics," the announcer says.  "How many houses does he own? John McCain says he can't even remember anymore.  Well, it's seven.  No wonder McCain just said the fundamentals of our economy are strong."

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