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McCain, Palin and you. Readers talk about the VP pick

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Ever since the pick was leaked made this morning, readers from all over the land-of-the-tubes (thank you Ted Stevens) have been commenting on the big story.

Monitor readers' opinions on the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate have been numerous and all over map - literally and figuratively.

A lot of comparisons, naturally, are to her now-nemesis Senator Joe Biden. Jordan thinks Palin might be a bit undermatched for the vice presidential debate:

I believe what Mr. McCain just proved is that HIS campaign is about substanceless superficiality. This year’s VP debate will actually be fun to watch: I can’t wait to see Biden chew her into pieces.

Infidel is looking forward to the debates as well, but is betting on Ms. Palin:

If Biden underestimates Palin, as many commentators here obviously have, the Barracuda will rip him to shreds.

Not surprisingly, age and experience have been brought up throughout the conversation today. Johnzero leaves a (we think it's sarcastic) comment:

So… the oldest presidential candidate in history, with a medical record that runs to 1,100 pages, thinks it good judgement to put a governor with less than 2 years of experience in public life one heartbeat away from the Oval Office? I feel safer already.

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