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"Tougher in Alaska" host Geo Beach discusses Sarah Palin

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McCain gets a running mate who is young (diminishing the perceived negative of his age), female (snookering Obama for Hillary's hold-outs), executive (to his legislative) and most important, both by her deserved reputation and by the impact of the choice itself, re-establishes McCain's eroded credentials as a genuine maverick candidate. That appeals to the middle voters who will decide the election.

Plus, McCain's choice of Palin achieves what McCain himself can never do -- it took the words right out of Obama's mouth.

The acceptance speech that was so essential to Obama has been filed in the dusty back drawers of political history, as if the text had never been given voice. Media are addicted to the new and the now, and now the Labor Day Weekend will be all I Dream Of Sarah and no echoes of I Had A Dream. Magic.

Forget political analysts -- they were wrong again, saying that veep selections don't make electoral difference.

Obama, agent of change, picks an old white senator who failed at presidential politics twenty years ago. McCain, an old white senator who failed at presidential politics eight years ago, picks a fresh, pro-life, NRA-packing governor from the wild West. Maverick.

And Mom. Who's changing politics today?

Obama's campaign had originally even targeted Alaska -- which hasn't gone Dem in a presidential election since '76 -- as a potential swing state. Their figuring was based on the iconoclastic nature of this state’s electorate. But the cross-over mentality Obama's campaign identified will cut the other way now, with many Democrats here going to Sarah. There's no longer a left wing or a prayer for Alaska going blue.

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