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What the Alaska media is saying about Sarah Palin

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While the media, pundits, insiders and know-it-alls continue to blab endlessly about the pros and cons of new McCain running mate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin,  there is a fair amount of blabbering going on up in Palin's home state as well.

Surprised, shocked and stunned seem to be words thrown about most often in describing first reactions to hearing the news.  In fact, Alaska's Attorney General compared it to landing on the moon.  Not Palin landing on the moon.  Although if it polled well - and chances are the McCain team has already polled it - she'd be giving her speech next week from orbit.

Regardless, the headline of the day came from an article written by a disaffected writer named Alan Suderman in Juneau admonishing the national media for mispronouncing Governor's last name.   His headline, "Note to nation: Palin rhymes with Van Halen" sets the record straight.

"The most notable gaffe was the mispronunciation of her last name on television and radio," Suderman writes.  "Several pundits called her PAL-IN, instead of PAY-LYN (rhymes with Van Halen) as Alaskans call her. Even McCain's spokesman, Tucker Bounds, got her name wrong."

Other media commentary from the 49th state include:

Anchorage Daily News

McCain's choice of Palin was somewhat surprising because she most definitely is not a standard-issue Republican. She worked with liberal Democrats in the Legislature to pass a multi-billion-dollar tax increase on Alaska's oil industry. She went back to Democrats again to win approval of her natural gas pipeline deal, which bypasses Alaska's major oil companies in favor of a Canadian company.


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