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Online readers get fired up over campaign coverage

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Apparently not only politicians are flip-floppers.  Because going back to last month, Mark uncovers evidence of our support of the Democratic nominee.

"What has me suspicious is the article above apparantly supports Obama as evidenced by the way it “praises” the way the news media and Obama camp came up with it’s nifty one liners," Mark writes.

The writer of "The Vote" blog is obviously a leftist, writes Andy.

"Wow!! nice title you kool-aid drinking left loon Jimmy Orr," he writes on the topic of Sarah Palin departing to Alaska.

Not according to Mike.  He knows we have to be behind John McCain.

"For all of those here who are thinking Biden is talking about you, I can actually bet money, HS IS NOT," Mike writes. "I cannot believe CSM even carried this story in this manner because it is not what Biden is saying. But, what do you expect from Jimmy Orr, a one time Bush crony. What the **** would an “Internet Director” do anyways? Play traffic cop in the “tubes”?"
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