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New polls show Obama and McCain tied everywhere (almost)

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If the economy is your top issue, Florida voters believe Obama can better deal with it by a 49 - 40 percent margin.

Who gets to wear the "change" banner? Obama. Those polled believe Obama has a better chance of "changing how Washington works."

The poll had an essay portion in it as well. Judging from the reactions, all polls should include these.

The poll asked voters an open-ended question: Describe the first thing that springs to mind when the vice presidential candidates' names are mentioned. Palin elicited responses from ''refreshing change'' to ''Oh, my God, help us.'' Biden elicited responses from ''man of experience'' to ``blowhard.''


The Ohio Newspaper poll -- conducted by the eight largest newspapers in the Buckeye state -- shows John McCain with a 48 to 42 percent edge, The poll was conducted from September 12 - 16, so as with the Miami Herald poll the financial crisis was not fully baked in.

A full 19 percent of those polled said it's still early and they may change their minds about who they will be supporting.


All the talk about Iowa being up-in-the-air? Fuhgedaboudit. That's the conclusion of a new poll of 600 voters in Iowa. According to Quad City Times, the Democratic nominee has a commanding 14 point lead, 53 percent to 39 percent.

Is the Obama campaign celebrating the lead? Far from it. They're still in attack mode.

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