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The debate's Kissinger flap: Who was right?

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Just like the campaign commercials, there were elements of truth in Friday night's presidential debate (which is always a good thing). And both campaigns had their communications staff sending emails throughout the evening clarifying what their bosses said and how the other guy was completely wrong.

The McCain communications staff got the evening started with an email sent out at 8:32 p.m. It was like tailgating with the McCains. The email let us know that spokesman Brian Rogers would be the point man for fact checking and responses. It also boasted that another staffer would be hurling "insults" from the McCain website.

There's no doubt that the wasteland known as "The Spin Room" offers nothing but hot air, but for a presidential campaign to showcase that they're paying someone to offer "assorted insults" provides a clear indicator to the health of US campaigning.

First strike

Regardless, the first clarification came just 13 minutes into the debate with the McCain team stating, "Despite Barack Obama's claims, John McCain has a strong record of promoting reform and oversight of Wall Street."

Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro got into the act 10 minutes later offering a "debate reality check" on the topic of deregulation. Shapiro said, "McCain has been in favor of more deregulation for 26 years and his VP nominee couldn't name a specific example of reform he had fought for."

No one can dispute the second part of Shapiro's email unless Sarah Palin has gotten back to Katie Couric.


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