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Biden: "McCain campaign is on the ropes"

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Another reader, perhaps a bit more seasoned to the political game than the author writes, "I'm very optimistic that Obama will win, but a lot can change in the next 4 weeks. Maybe I just tend to be negative, but I have this sense of doom, like the Republicans are planning something awful still to come..."

It isn't just the Republican party that would come up with something "awful." It's any campaign that is down and needs to make up ground fast. It's part of the thing we call campaigning.

The A-bomb

McCain didn't drop the A-bomb on Tuesday night as some expected he would. A-bomb as in the Ayers card -- Bill Ayers the guy who hasn't received this much attention since he actually was a part of the violent radical group he co-founded known as The Weather Underground.

Sarah Palin plays this card like a blackjack dealer, mentioning his name more than she says the word "maverick." They're going heavy on this guy. Guilt by association.

A new ad this morning simply titled "Ayers" shows -- without question -- the emphasis the campaign is focusing on Obama's past associates hoping to strike unease in voters about Obama's judgment.

In your face

With polls drooping, the in-your-face campaigning is what some McCain supporters want to see.

Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller are almost pleading with the campaign to hit Obama harder. They say letting McCain show some anger -- although feared by some GOP strategists -- is exactly what this nation needs to see. As in someone who is visibly upset with the lack of oversight from both parties leading to our economy's implosion.

Debate of the Living Dead

We didn't see much anger during Tuesday's debate. Discussing possible movie titles for Tuesday's showdown, O'Reilly offered "Debate of the Living Dead." Miller countered "Bureaucrats on the Caribbean."

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