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McCain to Biden: Too early to celebrate

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"...This association is pretty significant," Palin said. "And it's kind of telling regarding someone's judgment that they would be working with, associated with, a domestic terrorist, who had, you know, campaigned to bomb the United States Capitol and our Pentagon. And this is an unrepentant domestic terrorist. That's the scary part about it."

Tough competition

Although Palin's stump speech always includes a reference to Ayers, it hasn't gotten a lot of traction. News of the imploding economy has taken center stage for weeks.

The suspense leading up to what's being called "the worst debate ever," was whether McCain would play the Ayers-card on Obama during Tuesday's insomnia-curing showdown.

Start fighting!

He never did. This rankles some McCain supporters who think the "be calm" coaching they say he's receiving is wrongheaded in light of the trajectory of the polls.

"The only way John McCain can stop the bleeding is to get mad like I did last week with Barney Frank, who refused to take any responsibility for the meltdown of the government mortgage agencies even though Frank's job is to oversee them," Fox News host Bill O'Reilly wrote in Tuesday's "talking points" memo.

"As a citizen, I'm furious that I and other honest Americans are being punished by the incompetency of Mr. Frank and a number of other politicians, including Republicans, who are supposed to be looking out for us," O'Reilly wrote.

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