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Jim Cramer must be getting PR advice from Roland Burris


(Read caption) CNBC's Jim Cramer was destroyed last night at the hands of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Waving the white flag from the onset, Cramer stood no chance against the popular comedian.

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If it was a heavyweight fight, there would be calls for an investigation.

Fans would say the fight was rigged. "He took a dive!"

That's what it felt like last night watching Jon Stewart's dismantling of CNBC's Jim Cramer.


Pre-game hype aside, it was no Clash of the Titans. Of the two, Stewart was the Titan. Cramer, the Titanic. Actually the Titanic fared better. There were survivors.

Where was the guy who mocked Stewart days before?

"Oh, oh, a comedian is attacking me! Wow! He runs a variety show!" That was Cramer earlier in the week when asked to respond to Stewart's criticism.

Last night?

There was, "I should do a better job" and "I wish I'd done a better job" and "I'm trying. I'm trying."

No fight

Any machisimo he displayed earlier in the day quickly wilted.

On Martha Stewart's program hours earlier he said of his upcoming appearance, "I’m going to have to fight back. I’m not a doormat."

Right. And Rush Limbaugh isn't the de facto leader of the Republican party.

PR strategy

The Motley Fool wonders, "What on Earth was Jim Cramer doing last night?'

No kidding. Who's Cramer's publicist? Roland Burris?


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