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Live blogging Blago's radio show on Chicago's WLS

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Jay Mariotti, the sports columnist and frequent guest on ESPN's Around the Horn will be joining Blago as well. This should be a great exchange.

Blago's hair

8:12am -- Blago wants to take some calls from listeners. But before he does, however, he has a conversation with the newsman and the meteorologist.

Blago: Let's take a call or two.
Newsman: Are those headphones going to mess up your hair?
Blago: I brought my brush.
Meteorologist: You brought the football?
Blago: I'm not governor anymore, it is a smaller brush.

8:15am -- Blago blasts Governor Pat Quinn for proposing to raise state income taxes.

"There's no need to raise the state income tax," he said. "A tax increase on the people is the worst thing you can do in my judgment."

"I kept the promise not to raise taxes for six years. It took him less than six weeks to break that promise."

"If you don't want to pay, you've got the power to change it," he tells listeners.

8:25am -- Blago compares President Obama to President Reagan while talking to ABC's Anne Compton. We'll have more of this conversation to come.

8:26am -- Blago implores his fellow Democrats in Congress to support Obama.

8:27am -- Blago thanks Anne Compton for appearing on his show. She responds by thanking him and calling him "sir."

Another caller

8:28am -- Blago takes a call from Jerry. Jerry tells the governor there is a house of ill repute in his town.

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