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Politicians using Twitter: Morons or visionaries?

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And when the president announced he was not in favor of legalizing marijuana, we went to Twitter to get some reaction. And we included it.

Most of the Tweeters or Twitterers or whatever they are weren't happy: "Obama just turned the marijuana question, and the online community, into a joke. Not the right answer, Sir."


But does Congress really get it? Are they good tweeters? Or are they twits?

Well, we'll review a few...

Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer might be the Charles Bronson of Twitter. Stalking his prey, ready to lay the electronic slapdown on whomever he finds offensive.

Like Bobby Jindal. The Bambi-like Governor of Louisiana who was clearly impersonating Mr. Rogers last month while delivering the disastrous Republican response.

If things didn't go bad enough for Jindal, Blumenauer made sure to pile on.

"Jindal is weird," he tweeted. "I can't believe Jindal. Such a sad contrast with President. Doesn't even look or sound good, to say nothing about content."


Less than ten days later, Blumenauer did it again. This time, however, he was just responding to a tweet. A tweet from Senator John McCain.

McCain dubbed Blumenauer's "Oregon Solar Highway" earmark as the porkiest of all pork.

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