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Et tu lefties? Obama takes flak from his liberal 'friends'

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Jim Young/Reuters

(Read caption) President Obama's approval ratings have dropped below fifty percent.

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From the start of his presidency (and even before) Barack Obama has been mercilessly hammered from the right. He’s a socialist! No, he’s a fascist! No surprise there. It’s a stir-‘em-up industry that keeps many bloggers and talk show hosts gainfully employed.

But these day, Obama’s getting it from the left as well -- an annoyance that’s moving toward anger in some cases and that could result in speed bumps if not derailment of some key policy goals.

Pick an issue -- war in Afghanistan, healthcare reform, civil liberties, gay rights, closing the Guantanamo prison camp, global warming, the economy -- and the criticism from liberal activists and commentators is growing at a time when Obama’s job approval rating has just dropped below the 50-percent mark, according to a Gallup Poll out Friday.

Some examples:

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, a Princeton economist and Nobel Prize winner, says the financial bailout has been “botched.”


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