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Joe Biden's potty mouth: In Delaware, this is not news

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Jason Reed/Reuters

(Read caption) Vice President Joe Biden (r.) whispers a remark to President Barack Obama as Obama is introduced to speak before signing the health care reform bill during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday.

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Anybody with X-ray hearing might have noticed that Vice President Joe Biden dropped a major expletive during the signing of the historic healthcare reform bill on Tuesday.

Mr. Biden, speaking near an open mic, called the bill “a big [bleeping] deal.” (See video below.)

The White House confirmed – and apparently approved – the language. Soon after the event, press secretary Robert Gibbs tweeted: “And yes, Mr. Vice President, you’re right …”

Folks in Delaware, Biden’s home state, weren’t surprised. Aside from his regular foot-in-mouth moments, he is also famous for his salty tongue.

“More than his OTHER kinds of gaffes, I always thought Joe Biden’s use of such language might get him into trouble, frankly, during his presidential run(s),” writes Wilmington, Del., radio interviewer Allan Loudell on his blog at WDEL.com.


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