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Is Rick Perry winning the 'Donald Trump primary'?

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Trump has already had in Michele Bachmann – he talked with her in July.

“I was very impressed with her, and I think she’s highly underrated,” Trump told Piers Morgan on CNN afterward.

And in May, Trump had pizza with Sarah Palin, who isn’t running, but might, especially if something bad happens to Perry’s poll numbers. Palin’s “a terrific woman and a terrific friend” said Trump following their meal.

Why are all these Republicans beating a path to the Donald’s penthouse? We won’t call this “Celebrity Presidential Apprentice,” because that’s too obvious, and we’d feel obligated to make a lame reference to Meat Loaf. So we’ll frame it as the Trump primary, or the Trump caucuses, if you prefer.

What do the presidential candidates hope to gain by winning?

First, we’ll start with the most obvious thing – money. Perry packaged his trip to Trumpville with fundraising in Manhattan. Do you think prospective donors might be more open to give if they knew Perry was tight with New York’s most famous comb over? They might be – and Trump and his friends could give, too.

Second, Trump himself says they want his voters. He was briefly the front-runner himself, if you remember, and he talks as if he’s something of a political boss with a following.

“The fact is, I have a lot of people that agree with what I’m saying, and all the candidates want to have that,” Trump told Greta van Susteren on Fox News earlier this month.

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