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GOP strategist: Obama's bigger 2012 war chest won't matter much

The Republican candidate may not have as much campaign money as Obama, says GOP pollster and strategist Whit Ayres. But 'money is not going to be a problem' for the eventual nominee, he says.

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Whit Ayres is cofounder of Resurgent Republic, a Republican group that advocates conservative government policies. His firm provides polling and strategic advice to Republican candidates. He was the guest at the March 8 Monitor breakfast in Washington, D.C.

The outlook for President Obama's reelection:

"If you look at the big picture, it is not a pretty picture for the president. You still have roughly 60 percent of the country thinking we are on the wrong track."

The Obama campaign's financial advantage over Republicans:

"Money is not going to be a problem for the ultimate [Republican] nominee. And the fact the Obama administration may have a billion dollars … the marginal advantage of an additional dollar when you go from $700 million to $800 million is relatively little."

Response to a Fox News poll showing that Latino voters overwhelmingly prefer Mr. Obama to GOP presidential candidates:

"Doing better with nonwhite voters ... is the great challenge of the Republican Party going forward.... If we don't do better among Latinos, we are not going to be talking about how to get back Florida in the presidential race; we are going to be talking about how not to lose Texas."


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