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The Foster Friess soundtrack: top quips from the GOP megadonor

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Homosexuality – “We have to protect the gay community from sharia law.”

Asked about the Republican Party’s relationship to gay marriage, Friess cited his love for his gay brother-in-law and the man’s partner, saying discriminating against them would be tantamount to limiting his own rights because “I happen to be 30 pounds overweight.

But his No. 1 fear for the gay community? That Islamic law would become an institution in the United States, a bugaboo of cultural conservatives that has shown little evidence of making inroads at the state or federal level.

Friess said the GOP should be more open to people with differing views on homosexuality. “I believe the Republican Party should allow each candidate to say what he wants to say.... But what is somewhat distressing, we are moving our country toward a state religion which says anybody who says homosexuality is biblically untrue is some kind of pariah and a fallback to the Neanderthal days.

The 1 percent – “If you tax me 10 percent more, am I going to sell my jet plane? No.”

Friess gave an impassioned defense of wealth in America, arguing that great wealth, paired with opportunities for social mobility, helped generate social good.

“If you tax me 10 percent more, am I going to sell my jet plane? No. Am I going to sell any of my beach houses? No. Am I going to change my lifestyle? No. What does it do to me? It’s just money that I can no longer give to these various causes I’ve been giving to,” Friess said.

“I’m not that generous that I’m going to give up my lifestyle if I don’t have to,” he continued, “but what I will give up is the ability to give to these other causes that are dear to my heart.”

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