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Will Oscar host Seth MacFarlane be asked back? Probably not.

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But pop culture audiences seem to be as divided as political ones. According to Fizziology, a social media research firm, 13 percent of Facebook and Twitter users discussing the show ranked MacFarlane as “the best host ever.” And early Nielsen ratings show the broadcast up nearly 20 percent over the 2012 show with some 37 million US viewers.

But there is one question that all Oscar viewers are asking: Will he be back?

Not if the Academy is a tad more careful next time, suggests Thelma Adams, Yahoo! Movies contributing editor. The “central conundrum” is having a show that remains true to its film industry audience.

“Watch an episode of ‘Family Guy’ and you’ll know it’s not a good match for Hollywood honchos sitting in stiff chairs in tuxes and tiaras,” she says. The first thing to acknowledge is that the audience inside the Dolby Theater, where the show is held in Hollywood, “is a tough and tense crowd.”

There are several groups on whom MacFarlane’s humor was wasted.

Gwendolyn Foster, a film professor at University of Nebraska at Lincoln, says her female students were “appalled” at what they consider MacFarlane’s outdated and sexist routines.

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