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Will Oscar host Seth MacFarlane be asked back? Probably not.

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“Watch an episode of ‘Family Guy’ and you’ll know it’s not a good match for Hollywood honchos sitting in stiff chairs in tuxes and tiaras,” she says. The first thing to acknowledge is that the audience inside the Dolby Theater, where the show is held in Hollywood, “is a tough and tense crowd.”

There are several groups on whom MacFarlane’s humor was wasted.

Gwendolyn Foster, a film professor at University of Nebraska at Lincoln, says her female students were “appalled” at what they consider MacFarlane’s outdated and sexist routines.

“Everyone agrees it was like watching an old sexist 'Dating Game' episode,” she says via e-mail. “Seth McFarlane was as smarmy as the host of the 'Dating Game,' which is perfect because the Dating Game, if memory serves me, was on during the Vietnam War, when many Americans preferred to bury their heads in the sand and pretend the war was not happening, or pretend the war was a good thing.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued its own rebuke of MacFarlane’s bit in the guise of his animated Teddy Bear persona, the main character in his 2012 film, “Ted.” A computer-animated Ted, presenting with actor Mark Wahlberg, made the joke that Jews controlled Hollywood, and that being Jewish was required to work in the industry. "I was born Theodore Shapiro and I would like to donate to Israel and continue to work in Hollywood forever," he said.

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