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'Run for Boston' helps runners everywhere cope with marathon horror (+video)

Runners across the US – and the world – have responded to the Boston Marathon bombings with a determination to 'keep on running' to show solidarity with Boston and the victims.

FBI zeroing in on possible suspect
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A day after twin bombs hit the Boston Marathon, Atlanta runners turned out by the hundreds for a vigil and a “silent mile” run in support of Boston and the bombs' victims, and as an act of solidarity among runners nationwide.

As police search for clues and suspects Wednesday, an outpouring of support continues not only in Boston, but across the United States, with runners and athletes, especially, finding unique ways to celebrate and support America's most revered marathon and its host city.

The events are one small way to live the sentiment, “Keep On Running, Boston,” as the T-shirt says. But for many participants, the runs are also a way to process, as a community, how an act of violence could strike a race that has come to epitomize normal people doing extraordinary feats – an act of essential solitude often undertaken on behalf of charity or in the memory of others.


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