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Is Justin Bieber’s driver’s license at risk? Neighbors allege recklessness in Ferrari.

Pop star Justin Bieber's neighbors say he drives dangerously fast in their gated community, endangering children. Of recent indiscretions, Bieber says, 'I'm young and I want to have fun.'


Canadian singer Justin Bieber performs on stage during a concert in Dubai May 4. Bieber is under investigation for speeding through his gated Los Angeles-area community in a Ferrari sports car after neighbors complained to police.

Jumana El Heloueh/REUTERS

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Sporty cars and celebrities are a part of California culture, but the Golden State also has things called rules of the road.

Pop star Justin Bieber, with his right foot sometimes on the pedal of a white Ferrari, may be stepping over the line of safe driving, neighbors have alleged.

Let’s just say it doesn’t sound as if the 19-year-old singer has developed very promising habits behind the wheel. And for California drivers, a few infractions noted by police can result in a suspended driver’s license.

The incident that’s put Bieber in the news this week occurred Monday, when he allegedly drove his white Ferrari at freeway speeds in what is a 25 mile-per-hour zone.

Former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson was one of the neighbors who complained. Worried about the safety of his young children within the gated community where he and Bieber own homes, Mr. Johnson got into his Prius and followed Bieber’s Ferrari in an effort to talk about his driving habits. But Bieber scurried into his house.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department received two calls and responded to the location in Calabasas. But they were also turned away.

"His security detail said he declined to talk to us based on the advice of counsel," Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

"Their eyewitness testimony to our deputies was definitive — not only the speed, not only the vehicle, but Mr. Bieber was sitting and driving in the driver's side seat," Whitmore said.


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