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Midwestern floodwaters that have inundated much of Iowa and swollen the Mississippi River ran over the top of a levee Wednesday near Meyer, Ill. Eleven levees along the river have now been compromised, with forced evacuations possible in a number of communities.

Several top fundraisers for Hillary Rodham Clinton said that the former first lady will introduce presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to her top financial backers at a June 26 meeting in Washington. The goal is to encourage these donors, including some disgruntled ones, to contribute to Obama's White House bid. This could require Obama's campaign to help pay down Clinton's $20 million campaign debt.

Hundreds of same-sex couples rushed Tuesday to county clerks' offices throughout California to obtain marriage licenses and exchange vows during what some view as a window of opportunity. The state's highest court ordered the licensing to proceed, but in November Californians will vote on a constitutional amendment that would prohibit gay marriage.

During high-level economic discussions with China in Annapolis, Md., the US said it expects to have food and drug inspectors in three Chinese cities by the end of the year. US authorities may have to grant Chinese inspectors enty into the US to ensure the plan is carried out.


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