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Who gets Qaddafi's cash? African nations crushed by wars he funded want some.

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi trained and funded men - like Charles Taylor - whose reigns of terror in Liberia and Sierra Leone led to the death of hundreds of thousands of West Africans.

In this April 11 file photo, Libyan leader Col. Muammar Qaddafi cheers from his car after meeting with a delegation from the African Union, who were in Libya to try to negotiate a truce between his forces and rebels seeking to oust him.

ZUMA Press/File/Newscom

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Western governments have seized more than $30 billion of Col. Muammar Qaddafi’s assets since the Libyan leader launched the first attacks against his own citizens in February.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said earlier this month that those funds should be used “to help the Libyan people,” and Sen. John Kerry (D) of Massachusetts says he is already at work on the legislation that will make that happen.

But here in West Africa – where rebels who were trained, funded, and armed by Colonel Qaddafi terrorized citizens for much of the 1990s – some people are saying that a chunk of that money should be set aside for them.

“Over a million Sierra Leoneans and Liberians were killed as a result of the Qaddafi-induced war,” wrote Kofi Akosah-Sarpong, an editor at the London-based Newstime Africa daily’s website earlier this week. “Now is the time for them to get their compensations direct from Qaddafi’s looted billions.”

Qaddafi's role in Liberia and Sierra Leone


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