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Nigeria plane crash: Was age of aircraft an issue? (+video)

Nigeria plane crash: Nigerian law bans aircraft older than 20 years, but the average age of Dana Air's planes is 21.4 years. Sunday's Nigeria plane crash killed all 153 passengers and unknown numbers on the ground.

Eyewitnesses describe what they saw before the crash of a Nigerian airliner Sunday.
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A commercial airliner crashed into a crowded suburb of Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, Sunday, killing all 153 people on board and an unknown number of residents on the ground.

The crash is the country's worst since September 1992, when a military transport plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Lagos, kill all 163 Army soldiers and crew aboard.

The cause of the crash of the Dana Air flight – carrying passengers from Nigeria’s capital of Abuja to Lagos – is still unknown, but questions have been raised about the age of Dana’s planes. In 2010, Nigeria banned all aircraft over the age of 20 years. According to Planespotters.net, the average age of Dana’s fleet of five planes is 21.4 years. Its youngest plane is 20.9 years old.

A spokesman for President Goodluck Jonathan said that “every possible effort will be made to ensure that the right lessons are learnt ... and that further measures will be put in place to boost aviation safety in the country.”


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