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OPINION: US offer of asylum for Ivory Coast's Gbabgo reveals outdated foreign policy

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The Obama administration’s approach to Ivory Coast's incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo, based on reporting from The New York Times, suggests that US officials are caught in a time warp. They’re behaving as if it is the 1990s, and their object is to induce former dictator Joseph Désiré Mobuto from power in the Congo. The proffer of “asylum” in the US – or a plum posting with an international agency — has the ring of lunacy about it, as if the administration was mistaking Mr. Gbagbo for former Liberian Preisdent Charles Taylor, former Zambian President Kenneth Kuanda, or even current Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe.

Gbagbo may possess many flaws, but he is not in need of asylum or an international job for which he neither suited professionally nor temperamentally. Nor will comical offers of relocating him to the US induce him to leave Ivory Coast. Gbagbo might indeed be wondering who is crazier, him or the US officials assigned to oversee his exit from office.


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