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How Ivory Coast's Gbabgo aims to solve his cash woes

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ATMs, check cashiers, and Western Union have all reportedly run out of cash, a heartbreak for nervous Ivorians in long lines.

Several of the country's top banks have totally ceased operations, so troops loyal to Laurent Gbagbo have "nationalized" – the opposition says "robbed" – those lenders. Gbagbo's troops have also "requisitioned" – again, their words – whatever cash was left in the Central Bank's Abidjan bureau.

Even the city's stock exchange, now shuttered, received a visit from the econ police.

"They asked us for cash, as if we keep sacks of money lying around in a stock exchange," a local trader told Time Magazine.

And that could just be the beginning. If it is, here's what could come next for a country that seems to be slipping toward a relapse to civil war.

1. Opening day at the Bank of Gbagbo

When Gbagbo's government nationalized the country's failing banks, his government proposed re-opening them as soon as last Monday.

"It remains to be seen whether this can be implemented in practical terms given that financial institutions are short of cash and will still be unable to perform basic inter-bank transactions," financial analyst Samir Gadio wrote in an e-mailed analysis.

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