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Diplomats meet in London to talk Somalia, but where are the women?

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Peter Macdiarmid/Reuters

(Read caption) Somalia's Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali (l.) shakes hands with Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron after a press conference following the Somalia Conference at Lancaster House in London on Thursday.

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•  A version of this post appeared on the blog jinamoore.com. The views expressed are the author's own.

Lots of powerful men – and a few powerful women, including the American secretary of state – are meeting in London to talk about the dire "security threat" that is now Somalia. Or, in the words of Britain's foreign minister, "the world's most failed state." (Because that's a rational metric...)

Nevermind that international interest in Somalia peaked only now that we've recognized that its internal strife could be an external threat – to us. Nevermind that this is a pattern repeated constantly in diplomatic rhetoric about countries all over the world. We're not suddenly discovering this idea, nor Somalia.

Pay attention, instead, to this good question: Where are the women?


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