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Arizona immigration law: Will it hurt Mexico's drug war, as US lawsuit says?

Mexico applauded the Obama administration's lawsuit against the Arizona immigration law. The US lawsuit argues that the Arizona law undermines the effort to fight crime, especially the drug war. What do Mexicans say?

Carlos Garcia, far right, speaks in support of the US Justice Department's lawsuit challenging an Arizona Immigration law on July 6 in Phoenix. The Obama administration sued Arizona on Tuesday to throw out the state's toughest-in-the-nation immigration law and keep other states from copying it. Mexico supports the lawsuit.

Carlos Chavez/AP Photo/The Arizona Republic

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Mexico’s government applauded an Obama administration lawsuit brought Tuesday against the Arizona immigration law. Some analysts here agree with the lawsuit that argues the Arizona law undermines the drug war. But others say the suit diverts attention away from a more important goal for most Mexicans: US immigration reform.

Mexico expresses its approval of the United States government decision to try and prevent the SB 1070 law from taking effect,” said President Felipe Calderon’s government, which has been highly vocal in opposing the Arizona law.

Filed by the US Justice Department in a federal district court in Arizona, the lawsuit demonstrates President Barack Obama’s commitment to civil and human rights, Mexico’s Senate Foreign Affairs Committee said Tuesday.


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