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With Chávez gone, what do his young opponents want now? (+video)

A vibrant youth movement played a major role in Venezuela's beleaguered opposition during the rule of Hugo Chávez. 

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Weeks before Hugo Chávez died, while he was holed up in a Cuban hospital with details of his condition unknown to the public, youth protesters chained themselves together in front of Cuba’s embassy here, demanding answers.

“The people deserved to know what was happening,” says Vanessa Eisig, a 21-year-old communications student who participated in the February protest. “We thought we could raise attention by doing it in front of the Cuban embassy.”

Two days later, the government released photos showing Chávez sitting up in his hospital bed, flanked by his two daughters and reading the Cuban daily Granma. The public would not see Chávez, who died Tuesday, again until his body was displayed at a Caracas military academy.

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