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Boom goes the churro: Chilean court upholds damages for exploding sweets

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Everyone knows the case of the American woman who spilled her McDonald’s coffee and sued for burns. After all, it is held up as the example of America’s litigious society gone wrong.

Now we have a similar case from Chile, with a newspaper sued for running a recipe that caused churros – fried dough that is a common snack in this part of the world – to explode.

Chile’s Supreme Court upheld a verdict this week that orders La Tercera newspaper to pay $125,000 to plaintiffs who were hurt when they attempted the churros recipe that the newspaper ran back in 2004.

Hospitals around the country began getting calls after the recipe was published, The boiling oil – heated to 482 degrees fahrenheit as the recipe required – burst out of the pans when the dough for the churros was added to the pan. The 13 victims in this case were burned on their arms, faces, and chests.

“Faithfully following the recipe published in the daily, it would be impossible to have avoided this damage,” the judge wrote.

Since everyone seems to have an opinion about the coffee case, I suspected they might about this one too. From my tiny, unofficial survey, the overwhelming sentiment: Would readers jump off a bridge if the newspaper instructed them to do so?


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