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Huntsman's comment spurs debate in China

Following Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman's comment about what will 'take China down,' Chinese commentators debate what he meant.


Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman at the Republican foreign policy debate.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

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One advantage Jon Huntsman has going for him in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination is the fact that he understands China better than any of his rivals.

He was ambassador here for a couple of years, so he ought to.

Mr. Huntsman also knows that anything anyone in his position says in America about China will be instantly published here, so he won’t have been too surprised to hear that his comments the other day at the Republican candidates’ foreign policy debate have sparked a bit of a debate in China too.

Asked about his China policy, Huntsman said something interesting, that “we should be reaching out to our allies and constituencies within China. They’re called the young people. They’re called the internet generation….and they are bringing about change the likes of which is going to take China down.”

Whether he is right or wrong about this generation, some commentators here have taken his talk of “taking China down” badly.

In China, Washington is widely believed to have stirred up the democratic “color revolutions” in former Soviet satellites such as Ukraine and Georgia, and Huntsman’s comment is being seen in this context.


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