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Afghanistan anti-US protests heartfelt and spontaneous (+video)

Demonstrations against the anti-Islam YouTube clip turned violent in Kabul Monday. Afghan clerics haven't pushed for public protests. Instead demonstrators took their cues from news of riots elsewhere.

Violent protests continue in Kabul over a film demonstrators say insults the Prophet Mohammad. Sarah Sheffer reports.
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Demonstrations against the anti-Islam YouTube video flared in Kabul on Monday, following days of unrest and similar protests throughout the Middle East and Africa. Afghanistan has seen several small-scale protests in recent days, but Monday marked the first time since the release of the controversial video that hundreds of demonstrators gathered for a protest that turned violent.

The protesters marched down a major road on the outskirts of Kabul toward Camp Phoenix, a NATO base here. Police officials say the demonstration lasted about 90 minutes and escalated when demonstrators began throwing large rocks at police, injuring dozens of people. Protesters also set fire to two police vehicles, leaving one completely destroyed, and damaged several local shops.

“The people were really angry,” says Rashid Khan, a grocer whose store was damaged during the demonstrations. “Even if they tried to burn my shop I wouldn’t have tried to stop them.”


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