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Anders Breivik says he killed to protect indigenous Norwegians (+video)

In testimony today, Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian behind the 2011 attacks, compared himself to World War II commanders who decided to bomb Japan to prevent further loss of life.

Judges refused to allow Anders Breivik's statements in court to be filmed.
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The second day of the historic trial against Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik began with an ideologically charged testimony in defense of last summer’s twin terror attacks and the surprise removal of one of the nonprofessional judges.

Breivik defended killing 77 people last July as a preventive attempt to protect indigenous Norwegians from the civil war that would ensue from multiculturalists’ promotion of Muslim immigration to Europe.

In his hour-long opening speech, Breivik compared his actions to the World War II commanders’ bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to save millions of lives and Sitting Bull’s fight for Native Americans.

“Were they [Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse] terrorists for fighting for their indigenous culture … or were they heroes?” he said. “My acts are based on goodness, not evil,” he added. “If anyone is vicious it is the Socialists.”

Breivik was allowed to continue reading aloud his 13-page prepared text, despite exceeding his 30-minute limit and amid protests from the legal counsel for the victims, whose clients were offended.

After resuming, Brevik went on to call the Labor party parliamentarians and pro-multicultural political elite insane, contending that “it is irrational to deconstruct one’s own group,” and insisting he had acted on the “principle of necessity.”

“If what I am saying is true, how can what I have done been illegal?” he said. “How can it be illegal to show armed resistance to these groups?”


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