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Boris! Mayor of London is biggest winner at London Olympics.

Boris Johnson's cheerleading of the Games has earned him legions of fans among the British public and made him the Conservative Party's favorite to replace Prime Minister David Cameron.

London Mayor Boris Johnson dangles in the air after getting stranded on a zip wire while trying to make a dramatic entry to a London 2012 Olympics party at Victoria Park in east London on Wednesday.

Courtesy of Rebecca Denton/Reuters

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If it had happened to any other politician, it would have constituted a horrible embarrassment.

But when Boris Johnson got stuck on a zip wire halfway across a park on Wednesday, it was just the latest public relations triumph for the mayor of London. With his suit trousers ruched up around his calves and forlornly flapping a Union flag in either hand, he dangled in the air calling for “A rope! Get me a ladder!” to hoots of laughter from the delighted crowd below.

London’s Conservative mayor, a former – and no doubt future – mmber of Parliament has long been enjoyed in Britain for his eccentricity and wit. He has also been reviled for his bumbling manner and low-level xenophobic gaffes.

But his enthusiastic cheerleading of the London Games has earned him legions of fans among the British public, and, it seems, members of his own party.

“I saw him dangling from that wire and thought, that’s not very statesmanlike,” says Elizabeth Williams, a housewife from near Leicester, central England. “But you can’t help liking him, can you?”


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