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Breivik's acceptance of prison sentence brings relief to Norway (+video)

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Breivik’s evasion of criminal responsibility was a real possibility after two forensic psychiatric reports came to opposite conclusions. The prosecution sought to have Breivik be found insane because there were doubts over his mental competence, while the defense, at Breivik's insistence, argued that he was sane.

In the end, he was found sane and sentenced to the maximum prison time of 21 years’ preventive detention for terrorist acts because there was a considerable danger of repetition. If he is still deemed a risk after that, his prison time can be extended in five-year intervals indefinitely.  

“Norway will still have a population of different ethnic backgrounds, different cultures, and different religions” when Breivik is finished with his sentence at age 53, said Arne Lyng, one of the two professional judges, reading the court's decision to place him in preventive detention. “He has said he will still continue his battle behind (prison) walls."

Breivik targeted the Labor party with his attacks because he claims the party was “ethnically cleansing indigenous Norwegians” by facilitating mass Muslim immigration into Norway with its immigration policies. He placed a car bomb outside the government complex in Oslo, killing eight, and then drove to the nearby island of Utøya to shoot Labor party youth at their annual summer camp. 

“This is a just sentencing, and the law’s strongest,” says Trond Henry Blattman, leader of the national July 22 Support Group. “It’s very clear that he is a danger to society and there is very little likelihood that he will be let back into society.” 

Judge's critique

Judge Arntzen criticized the first forensic psychiatric report for not taking into account Breivik’s political ideology when it concluded he was paranoid schizophrenic. The psychiatrists cited Breivik’s claims that he wanted to “save us all” from the ensuing civil war that would happen as a result of the Islamic colonization of Europe and bore responsibility of deciding who would live or die in their determination that he was insane.

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