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Who works the longest hours? Mexicans, says OECD Report.

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Mexico's undeserved stereotype for indolence is finally being chipped away, with a new study released this week finding that Mexicans work longer days than anyone else in 29 industrialized nations studied.

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mexicans spend 10 hours a day doing both paid and unpaid work, the most of any OECD country (China, India, and South Africa were also included in the survey). Belgians, at the opposite end of the spectrum, work 7 hours daily. The OECD average is 8 hours, with Americans working about 8-1/2 hours daily.

The unpaid work includes housework or other chores. Mexicans do the most work in the home, at 3 hours a day, while Koreans do the least, at 1 hour and 19 minutes. Much of that is dedicated to cooking. Americans spend the least amount of time in the kitchen – only 30 minutes daily. The conclusions were drawn by asking those surveyed, including those retired or on vacation, to report what they were doing every five minutes.

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From company advertisements to Hollywood films to TV cartoons, Mexican culture with its afternoon siesta has been stereotyped as lackadaisical and half-baked. But whether they are computer engineers, government hacks, or street vendors, most Mexicans log longer days than American doctors and Wall Street bigwigs.


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