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Rome riots (video): Global 'Day of Rage' peaceful, except in Rome

Rome riots erupted this weekend during a global 'Day of Rage,' a protest denouncing capitalism, inequality and economic crisis. In Rome, protesters torched cars, attacked banks and hurled rocks.

An Italian paramilitary police van is engulfed in flames after protesters set it on fire during clashes in Rome this weekend.

AP Photo/Roberto Monaldo/ Lapresse

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The global "Day of Rage" against the world's financial system won some limited sympathy from political and economic leaders on Sunday, after protests that were peaceful everywhere but Italy.

Cities from east Asia to Europe and north America saw rallies on Saturday denouncing capitalism, inequality and economic crisis, but riot police were busy only in Rome.

The city cleared up on Sunday, a day after masked "Black Bloc" protesters torched cars, attacked banks and hurled rocks. "They must be condemned by everyone without reservation," Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said.

"Yesterday we once again showed the world the anomaly of Italy and today, again, we have to feel shame," La Stampa newspaper said. Mayor Gianni Alemanno said the capital would long suffer the "moral damage" of the rampage.

Many Italians asked why police had managed to arrest only 12 of the violent demonstrators. Tens of thousands of other "indignant ones" had marched peacefully against the government of deeply indebted Italy.

On Sunday a small group of peaceful protesters gathered by a church near where some of the violence took place to continue a sit-in. "We are the real indignant ones," one said. "They stole our day."

Berlusconi's Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa said the leftist opposition shared blame for the mayhem because its rhetoric implied "everything is justifiable as long as we get rid of Berlusconi, the 'evil of Italy.'"


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