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North Korea threatens to attack South Korea over routine drills

Soon after South Korea announced their annual military drills,  North Korea's military issued a warning statement.

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 North Korea will launch "merciless" strikes if South Korea goes through with planned live-fire drills near their disputed sea border, a North Korean officer said Sunday, amid persistent tension on the divided peninsula.

North Korea doesn't want a war but its people are always ready to "dedicate their blood to defend their inviolable territory," officer Sin Chol Ung at the North's Korean People's Security Forces told The Associated Press.

"We are monitoring every movement by the South Korean warmongers. If they provoke us, there will be only merciless retaliatory strikes," Sin said.

South Korea will stage regular one-day artillery drills Monday from front-line islands off the western coast, including one shelled by North Korea in 2010, according to Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff. It said South Korea informed North Korea of its training plan on Sunday.

Soon after, the North's military issued a statement warning of the strikes and urging all civilians living or working on the islands to evacuate before the drills start.


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