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Pope makes one of his final appearances, Rome braces for change (+video)

On Sunday, upward of 100,000 people attended a blessing by Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter's Square, one of the pope's final public appearances. Rome and Vatican City are bracing for large crowds of pilgrims and tourists expected for the election of the new pope. 

What's the likelihood of the Vatican moving up the date of the selection process for the next pope?
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His arms outstretched in a symbolic embrace, Pope Benedict XVI blessed tens of thousands of cheering people on Sunday in one of his last appearances as pontiff from his window overlooking St. Peter's Square.

Last week, 85-year-old Benedict shocked the world by announcing his resignation. He will step down on Feb. 28, planning to retreat to a life of prayer in a monastery behind the Vatican's ancient walls.

The noontime appointment in the vast cobblestone square also served as a kind of trial run for how Rome will handle the logistics, including crowd security, as the city braces for faithful to flock to Rome for the election and installation of the cardinal who will succeed Benedict as leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics.


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