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Confrontation escalates between Iran and Israel

Iran tested the Shahab-3 missile, which could hit Israel or US Mideast bases.

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Iran tested nine missiles Wednesday in a warning to the United States and Israel that it would retaliate if attacked over its nuclear programs.

Iranian TV showed the rockets taking off from desert launch pads. The military display included the latest version of Iran's longest-range missile, the Shahab-3 that can strike Israel and US bases with its 1,250-mile range.

The upgrade in saber rattling on all sides – from rhetoric to military exercises – increases the possibility that a miscalculation from Iran, Israel, or the US could result in war, analysts say.

"This does not mean there is going to be war in the Middle East, [but] it means that the situation is more dangerous, and it means that miscalculation now could actually have a horrendous result – a result that I don't believe the Israelis or the Iranians or the US ... want," says Charles Heyman, a British military analyst and editor of the annual "Armed Forces of the United Kingdom."

"Nobody wants armed confrontation in that part of the world except for maybe half a dozen Iranian crazies, half a dozen American crazies, and half a dozen Israeli crazies," says Mr. Heyman. "Everybody else wants these people to talk this one through without going to war."

The missile tests are a response to an Israeli air force exercise last month in which 100 aircraft rehearsed for long-haul strikes over the eastern Mediterranean.


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