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Where Syria's opposition groups get their rockets (+video)

With few weapons flowing to the rebels fighting the Syrian regime, homemade rockets, mortars, and hand grenades have become increasingly used in the fight. 

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While the battle for Aleppo grinds on in Syria's largest city, behind the front lines hums an operation crucial to the fight: homemade weapons manufacturing.

Aleppo is a major front in the 20-month conflict between the regime of President Bashar al Assad and the opposition fighting him. Opposition activists said Thursday the civil war has now claimed about 39,000 lives.

In Aleppo Province, the opposition's Abu Bakr Al Sadiq Brigade specializes in rockets, though it also produces hand grenades and other weapons. Brigade leaders recently displayed their newest creation – a rocket with a warhead that is the biggest they've made yet, weighing in at about 13 pounds. Though they're still testing it, they hope to soon send it to war as well.

With few weapons flowing to the armed Syrian opposition from outside Syria, the fighters turned to producing their own – like rockets, mortars, pipe bombs, hand grenades, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) – early in the conflict. But in recent months, the efforts to manufacture rockets, in particular, appear to have become more organized. 

Efficient rocket "factories" that churn out significant numbers of the weapons appear to be replacing more haphazard and scattered efforts, particularly around Aleppo, says Eliot Higgins, who tracks the weapons of the Syrian conflict on his blog Brown Moses. In the past few months, videos of such operations have begun appearing more frequently on the YouTube channels run by groups of fighters and activists, which he monitors.  


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