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Qaddafi welcomes Chávez's offer to mediate in Libya

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“The Venezuelans have affirmed that they are our friends and respect and like us, but ... Libya is in the Middle East and in North Africa and Venezuela is in Latin America," said Qaddafi’s son, who then added a word of gratitude. "Thank you, we are grateful to them. They are our friends. It’s a nice gesture but we can resolve our own problems. There is no need for foreign intervention.”

Chávez seems undeterred, however, by the apparent widespread rejection of his proposal, reports CNN.

Chávez and Qaddafi have a longstanding friendship. Chávez has visited Libya six times during his 12 years as president, reports Libya’s Tripoli Post. During Qaddafi’s visit to Venezuela in 2009, the two leaders exchanged gifts, with Qaddafi giving Chávez a Bedouin tent and Chávez gifting his counterpart a replica of Simón Bolívar’s sword.

Chávez seems to see the two leaders as mutual victims and accused the international community of condemning both of them in the past for harboring terrorists without proof and the US of only getting involved because it wants Libya's oil.

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Since Libya’s unrest began, the Venezuelan leader has spoken out several times to accuse the US and other nations of exaggerating events to justify an invasion, reports CNN.

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