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Europe to Israel: Military strike on Iran nuclear program not an option

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A week after world leaders urged Israel to tone down its heated rhetoric on Iran, European leaders are again urging caution as Iran begins to react to the international community's stern words and threats, led by Israel.  

The International Atomic Energy Agency last week released a report on Iran's nuclear program that said intelligence indicated that the intentions of the program may not be entirely peaceful. The leak of the report was followed by a flurry of threats and warnings from Israel – and a concerted effort from world leaders to dial down the conversation. 

In a television interview with CNN's Piers Morgan on Monday, Israeli President Shimon Peres called Iran a "morally corrupt" and "spoiled" country, saying that what was needed was an attack on the country's "moral foundations," Haaretz reports, quoting the CNN interview (which is not available on-line). Iran is "the only country that threatens to destroy another country, openly," Mr. Peres said. 


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