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Hydraulic ram draws a flood of interest

We've had at least 18 or 20 letters from readers of the Energy Q&A column in response to John Isherwood's request for information on how to fix the antiquated hydraulic-ram water pump on his property in Santa Inez, Calif. Edward Devlin, a New York City police officer, even called us on the phone. We're impressed -- and perhaps our readers are, too.

To the end estate editor:

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The book "Producing Your Own Power," by Carol Hupping Stoner, carries a very detailed description of how to make your own hydraulic ram from ordinary pipe fittings. It would probably be cheaper and easier to follow these plans than to reconstruct an old commercial unit.

If the book is not available at the public library, I recently purchased a copy from the Publishers Central Bureau for only $2.98. A. Gallistel Wayzata, Minn.