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Finding and fitting a sink replacement

Q. Is it possible to find a porcelain single sink, size 28 1/2 X 18 1/2 X 5 1 /2? We do not want either a double or stainless-steel sink to replace the one we have in porcelain. We want to do as little work on the tile drainboard as possible. The supply houses will not order anything special, according to our plumber? A reader San Diego, Calif.

A. Short a special order, and assuming there is no standard porcelain sink to fit the dimensions you specify, you have at least two alternatives. Here they are:

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* Scout around at secondhand or demolition companies to see if they might have a good, similarly sized, used porcelain sink that is better than the one you now have in your kitchen. A few telephone calls may locate one and thus save you a lot of unnecessary hoofing.

* Find a new porcelain single sink that is somewhat larger than the old one. Careful removal, cutting, and replacement of existing tile may achieve an acceptance result.

If a new sink is slightly smaller than the old one, bridge the gap with an appropriate standard sink ring which is c arefully installed and waterproofed.