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Chevette diesel makes a perky bid to top its class What the editors say:

B: GM is on the right track at last. Good handling, comfortable front seating, moderately comfortable rear; excellent visibility front, fair rear; Isuzu diesel provides plenty of smooth power (with vibration confined to gear shifter). Five-speed transmission on model tested emphasized pickup over fuel economy (fifth gear is a highway overdrive, not useful for most city driving.) Transmission hump takes up too much front seat space (amazing in a rear-wheel drive). Earl Foell Editor B-:

Generally smooth driving, particularly on stretches of open road. Stick shift works a little hard. Miss mileage meter. Seats comfortable but might be a little cramped for family on long trip. Wife didn't care for rear windows which only come halfway down. Teenage daughter says ''nice car'' but ''not really for our family.'' Sufficient power in street driving. A little pull on hills. Curtis J. Sitomer Special sections editor

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