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The Haunted House, by R. A. Montgomery. New York: Bantam/Skylark. 56 pp.

In a delightful new Bantam series, for the 7- to 9-year-old, the reader is the central character. Every page or so, he or she faces a choice about how the action will proceed.

In ''The Haunted House'' the text explains: ''You and your dog Homer are walking home from school for lunch one day.'' Homer chases a cat into a scary-looking old house, and, ''If you go into the house, turn to page 9.'' Or ''If you run away, turn to page 5.'' Decisions! Decisions!

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Depending on the reader's choices, there are more than a dozen possible endings. Children can reread the book again and again with a different adventure each time.

Enthusiastic teachers and school librarians say the adventures, ranked sixth among the most popular children's books of the last two years in a Publisher's Weekly survey, teach children to make decisions and help get slower readers interested in books.