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Monthly Poetry Highlight; Roland Flint; Resuming Green: Selected Poems, 1965-1982, by Roland Flint. New York: The Dial Press. 80 pp. $6.95 (paperback).

Roland Flint, much praised by other poets, will at last earn a broader readership with his new ''Resuming Green,'' the first major collection of his work. This group of poems is restrained yet deeply emotional, and always fresh and alluring. Reminiscent of James Wright's Midwestern voice, Mr. Flint presents an accessible, deceptively simple landscape. But his acute sensitivity to language and detail expands its borders to include the small moments of loss and triumph that mark all our lives.

The British poet Ted Hughes gave us ''Crow,'' a series of mythic poems about the dark demonic creature. But Flint offers ''Pigeon,'' a hapless Everyman-of-a-bird whose struggles easily win our empathy. Here is one poem from that section.

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