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A primer for the Logo computer language; Learning With Logo, by Daniel Watt. New York: McGraw-Hill. 365 pp. $19.95 (paperback).

Daniel Watt has written a fine book for children and adults to use together. Most of the first six chapters are accessible to children 10 or 11 years old without much help. The remainder of the book is appropriate for older readers. Chapters deal with graphics, the use of variables, lists, and interactive programs, as well as some advanced projects, including animation.

The text is written specifically for Terrapin/Krell Logo but includes appendixes to modify the procedures to accommodate Apple Logo and Texas Instruments Logo. The book is designed to be used with a preprogrammed disk called LWL (Learning With Logo) procedures disk, which sells separately for $15. 95. The procedures on this disk, however, are included in an appendix, which the user can type in.

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''Learning With Logo'' is filled with powerful ideas and ''helper's hints'' that few 10- to 14-year-old students can appreciate without adult help.