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Cooking on the side

A busy fellow we know says winter is the time for indoor cooking, standing up. And summer is for outdoor cooking on the side - his right side. Recumbent cookery, he calls it.

To emulate him, you need an outdoor grill, meat, kitchen timer, hammock, and hammock filler - you. Light charcoal, set timer for 20 minutes, climb in hammock , turn on right side. Zzzzzz.

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Brrring! Arrange charcoal. Array meat. Set timer for eight minutes, depending on cut of meat. Return to hammock. Zzzzzz.

Brrring! Reset timer for five minutes. Flip meat. Flip you. Zzzzzz.

Brrring! Arise and serve.

One more thing. When spouse or company comments on how hard you must have worked to produce such delectables, be modest: ''I work nearly as hard at the office.''